Modernize your game with HitTrax

We offer a new and innovative way to train! Players no longer have to rely on parents, coaches, and instructors TELLING them about the areas of their game that they succeed in and need improvement in. With HitTrax, players will be able to SEE where they succeed and need to improve their game. HitTrax is a real-time simulator that measures exit velocity, launch angle, and distance for hitters while also providing pop times, transfer times, throwing trajectory, and throwing speed for catchers.

For pitchers, HitTrax measures, velocity out of the hand and across the plate, break measurements for off-speed pitches, and location, making HitTrax the preferred training tool to improve your game! HitTrax also provides players the ability to hit in their favorite pro ballpark while also offering fun games like home run derby, quality hitting contests, and demo games to play against friends!

Why Should I use it?

The results will speak for themselves. HitTrax easily diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses. Using the replay function, you are able to compare each swing and analyze it for differences. Over the span of time, you are able to track your progress as HitTrax saves your data for later reference. You no longer have to rely on remembering your top velocity during pitching sessions or your exit velocity the last time you trained - HitTrax stores all of that data while highlighting your progress to show gains and drops in performance. HitTrax also tracks your progress to measure you up against other players locally, nationally, or internationally! Ask a staff member to send you a personalized report at the end of your session.

HitTrax gives the chance to take your game to the next level by providing the analytics used by professionals.

HitTrax can be used in private lessons with instructors, during group sessions with friends, or individually.

HitTrax is not limited to just hitting! HitTrax can be used for hitting, pitching, and catching!

Game Changing Technology

Hitting Analytics

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Point of Impact
  • Distance
  • And More!!!

Pitching Analytics

  • Pitch Velocity
  • Pitch Location
  • Break Measurement
  • Strike %
  • And More!!!

Catching Analytics

  • Arm Strength
  • Throw Accuracy
  • Pop Time
  • Exchange Time
  • And More!!!