Rules Updated Friday 9/23/16 @ 1:00pm


  1. HFHS Rules will be followed with exception to the rules listed below
  2. Phil will provide 2 referees, each team must also provide one coach to work as line judge for the game opposite of their teams game
  3. (2) 24 Minute Halves
  4. Federation Clock kicks in at last ONE minute of each half
  5. 8 v 8 Format. Team Must have minimum of 7 players, maximum of 8 player on the field
  6. 3 player must be on the line, center and one guard/tackle to either side. Center is ineligible.
  7. 32 Second Play Clock – NFL/College Style – End of Play it Begins
  8. Timeouts
  9. 1st Half = 2
  10. 2nd Half = 3 (Use it or lose it by 2 minute mark)
  11. Mercy Rule
  12. 22+ Second Half – Does not stop for injuries or prolonged penalty enforcement discussion
  13. 25+ @ 4 min. – Game is called
  14. 18-24 @ 2 min. – Game is called
  15. 30+ @ 8 min. – If we are more than 5 minutes behind
  16. OT = 2 possession max per team – start point is 15 yard line
  17. (2) Defensive Encroachments on Kick-Try – 1 point automatically awarded
  18. Fouls committed by Punting Team – Tack on End of Run or Succeeding Spot if punt is returned for TD.
  19. On-Side Kick – May be used at 5 minute mark or less left in game – Receiving Team must return past their 20 yard line – if they don’t – kicking team awarded possession at 50 yard line.   Any return team foul that brings ball back inside 20 after enforcement, provided the return got outside the 20, the ball will remain Return Team’s possession.   Fouls committed by the Return Team inside their 20 yard line – Possession Awarded to Kickers @ 50.   Kick-off must travel inside Receiving Team’s 20 yard line – any kick that comes to rest OUTSIDE the 20 yard line, untouched by R, will be R’s ball at the spot it becomes dead.
  20. Safeties – Award Possession to Defensive Team @ 50 yard line
  21. Touch Backs = 20 yard line
  22. Flag-Pulling (Loose Shorts);

 A ball carrier NOT wearing football pants, baseball pants or some other form fitting type of pants (e.g. tights/spandex) may be subjected to getting their shorts, sweat pants or other loose fitting style pant pulled and/or grabbed by the defender in the defender’s attempt to de-flag him. 

The defensive player in above may grab or pull the loose fitting pants of the ball carrier in an attempt to de-flag him.   However, the defender cannot hold the ball carrier in place or just flat out pull them to the ground.  

  1. Blocked / Missed FG’s – Possession Awarded @ Spot of Kick – NO RETURNS
  2. Contacting Passer’s Arm = 10 Yard Penalty = Automatic 1st Down – Also, running into the passer uncontrolled can be flagged for RTP or Contacting