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At WellSpan, we know that performing at your best takes more than practice. It takes a deep understanding of how the body functions and a smart approach to help active individuals and athletes reach peak performance without compromising their health and fitness.

That’s why our licensed athletic trainers take a complete approach to sports medicine. We focus on the five domains of athletic training:

  • Injury/illness prevention and wellness protection
  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Organization and professional health and well-being

The athletic trainers at WellSpan are dedicated to helping athletes get strong, educating them on injury prevention and giving them tools to help them recover from injuries. Our athletic trainers work closely with schools and sports teams to provide athletic training services for practices, games, meets and tournaments.

We are more than athletic trainers. We are part of your team, helping athletes, coaches, parents and many others come together and be at their best.

Likewise, our athletic trainers treat more than student athletes. They care for athletes of all ability levels from semi-pro, collegiate and club sport athletes to first responders, individuals who have experienced a workplace repetitive motion injury, or those who just made the wrong move doing routine chores. On the field or in the office, athletic trainers at WellSpan are an important part of your clinical care team.

Conditions Treated

WellSpan athletic trainers are part of a multidisciplinary team approach to care for the athlete in all of us. Come in to see us if you have:

How We Can Help

We are pleased to offer a wide range of services to the athletes, schools and teams we work closely with:

Coordinated Care

We’re proud to be part of your team. That’s why we are committed to working closely with players, coaches, parents, physical therapist, physicians and other medical providers to ensure patient athletes receive top-quality care from WellSpan at every turn.

Dedicated Athletic Training

Our licensed athletic trainers are also available to provide medical care to athletes at community schools or organizations. We are pleased to work with our community partners to create a schedule and contract that best meets their needs – WellSpan can offer a dedicated athletic trainer that follows a set schedule, or is on-call as needed; or a dedicated physician that is available to fulfill the sports medicine needs of all your school's student athletes.

Functional Movement Assessments

Functional movement assessments are an important step in keeping active people healthy. These assessments study an individual athlete’s unique body mechanics to help identify their risk for injury. Then, a licensed athletic trainer or exercise specialist works closely with them to create and implement individualized, activity-specific exercise programs that will help build a solid foundation and reduce the risk of injury.

Injury Rehabilitation

At WellSpan, we know injury is sometimes unavoidable. If you have an injury, you can trust our knowledge and expertise to get you healthy and strong once again. Strains and sprains are the most common injuries that keeps athletes on the sidelines. That’s why a return to the basics is often the best way to prevent injuries. Our licensed athletic trainers offer individualized care programs to help athletes stay limber and competitive on the field.



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