Coach John Zima, the owner of Kick It, provides individual and group kicking and punting coaching.  The Kick It program is open to middle school, high school and college athletes.  We coach novice and experienced kickers for both soccer-style and straight-on kickers. Soccer players who have never played football are welcomed. The Kick It program starts with the fundamentals to develop the skill set of the novice specialist.  We are structured to work with experienced high school and college players to improve accuracy, technique and distance to your field goals, kickoffs and punts. The program goes beyond coaching as Coach Zima will supervise your off-season training programs such as building body mass, power and explosive lifting for kicking purposes.  We have a full schedule of winter indoor kicking clinics to improve your game.  In season, Coach Zima can evaluate your game film for feedback and coaching points to polish your performance. To bring your game full circle, Kick It can provide you a recruiting service through   Be The Best Recruiting Services .  We supervise your recruiting process to help you properly market yourself and find the right school for you based on your major and skill. 


Jan 24th  8:30am
Feb 14th  8:30am
Mar 21st 8:30am
April 18th 8:30am


Pricing for Kickers: $150 

What to bring;
Football, spikes, kicking sticks, block and kick off tee. 

  Registration -

Clinic structure 

Clinics are 3 hours of the the fundamentals of the kicking process.  Within each clinic we cover kicking and punting so that we can make your more valuable to your team and future recruiting opportunities.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, we build a foundation to your technique to assure accuracy and consistency.  Within the clinic we have a 20 minute presentation by certified strength coaches to outline the proper exercises to build explosive power and fast twitch leg muscles. 

 One service that separates us from all other programs and clinics is our “bio-mechanical” testing.  This test is conducted by certified bio-mechanical staff. who assess your bio mechanics and then would develop a corrective strength program.  The first phase of the program concentrates on a full body mechanical assessment.  The sports performance trainer will evaluate your kicking and punting mechanics to identify any weakness in your muscle structures.  With that assessment, they will now build a corrective strength program to overcome your weaknesses, then develop and supervise your power and explosive development. 

More information on "Bio-mechanical" testing coming soon!