Softball Tournament Policies & Rules


Facility Information

In The Net is a 30 acre indoor and outdoor multi-sports facility with 6 outdoor baseball/softball fields, 6 indoor batting cages, indoor and outdoor concession stands and restrooms. Click here for facility map.

Tournament Schedule

Up to date schedules and scores can be found at

  • When a division has an odd # of teams, the last team to complete payment will be scheduled for a 4th pool play game. This 4th game will not count for you or against the teams standings​

Hotel Information

If your team requires overnight accommodations while playing at In The Net, please visit the hotels page for a listing of approved hotels. Hotel rates are specific to each weekend and are located on the tournament page

Batting Cages & Warm Up

Teams may use one batting cage prior to every game of the tournament. Batting cages are located in the Baseball & Softball Academy located at the east side of the complex, opposite the softball fields. Metal and/or muddy spikes are prohibited(sneakers only). Teams are required to bring your own softballs to use in the cages

Bathroom Locations

Portable toilets are available for your convenience located near the entrance of the overflow parking lot and the backstop of ITN Field #6. Indoor restrooms are located in the main lobby, inside of the dome.


Outdoor concessions are available throughout the tournament weekend, located between the foul poles of Baseball Fields #2 & #3.

Parking & Admission

There is no fee for parking or admission to tournaments at In The Net. Follow signs for tournament parking. Parking is permitted in designated spaces only. No parking in neighboring businesses, Paramount Sports, Wolf Driving School, Company Dance.

Offsite Fields

Please refer to the Fields page of our website for offsite field addresses and information


Check In

Every team coming to an In The Net Softball Tournament must provide the softball director with a standard ASA/USA Roster and copy of teams insurance and a team accommodation form at team check in prior to first game. Check in tent is located between ITN Fields #5 & #6.

Governing Rules

  • Tournament play will be governed by 2020 ASA Girls Softball Rulebook (with the following exceptions)
  • Pitchers will be allowed 3 warm up pitches every inning
  • No infield/outfield throwing after the 1st inning of play
  • The home team will be the official scorekeeper

Time Limit

Pool Play games will be one hour and 20 minutes, finish the inning. Home & Away will be decided by a coin flip at the plate meeting.

  • Except for 10U: 1 hour 20 minutes finish the batter, At the expiration of the time limit, if the inning has not been completed, the game will be called and the final score will revert back to the score at the end of the last full inning completed.

Elimination games will be one hour and 20 minutes, finish the inning (higher seed decides if they want to be home or away)

Championship game in each age group will have a time limit of one hour 30 minutes, finish the inning or 7 innings. Except 10U who will play 6 innings and still have a time limit of 90 minutes, finish the inning. The run rule will remain in play for ALL GAMES.

  • In the event of rain​
    • If no championship game has started and is cancelled due to rain no awards will be awarded
    • If teams are in the middle of a championship game and the game is cancelled due to rain, we revert back to the previous full inning and a champion will be decided by the game score at that time

Pitchers will get 3 warm up pitches between every inning

No Infield/outfield after 1st inning warm up

Important Notes:

  • A new inning starts at the completion of the 3rd out by the home team of the previous inning.
  • Game time begins at the conclusion of pre-game meeting. The official clock is declared by the umpire.
  • Time will be stopped only for lengthy delays

Mercy Rule

Mercy rules will be in effect for ALL games
12 runs after 3 inning, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings

Tie Breaker Criteria

  1. Overall Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Runs Against
  4. Run Differential

Miscellaneous Tournament Information

Batting Line Up

  • Pool Play - Everyone can play
    • Courtesy runner has to be the last batted out​
  • Elimination Play - Everyone can play
    • Courtesy runner has to be the last batted out​

All substitutions must be announced to the umpire

If any team/player is caught, using an illegal bat the player and coach will immediately be ejected from the game. The coach will not be able to coach the next game. It is not the umpires job to check every single bat, it is up to the opposing team to question a bat in which case then the umpire will check and make a judgement

Designated warm up areas: Are located beyond the collapsible outfield fencing

Reporting Scores: All scores need to be reported back to the field director or softball director by a coach or team scorekeeper following game completion

Scheduling: The schedule for Sundays play will be posted on our website approximately 30 minutes after the last game on Saturday is completed. Disclaimer: When there is an odd number of teams in a division, the last team to make payment will be scheduled to play the 4th game. The 4th game will not count for you or against you in the event you have to play a 4th game.

All teams are guaranteed

  • 4 game. 3 pool play games on Saturday with single elimination on Sunday
  • 5 game, 4 pool play games followed by single elimination

10U Specific

  • Pool play games will be 1 hour 20 minutes finish the batter(coin flip to determine home or away)
  • Elimination games will be 1 hour 20 minutes finish the inning(higher seeds decided home or away)
  • Championship game will be 1 hour 30 minutes and played 6 innings. The run rule will remain in play
  • Stealing bases including home is allowed
  • A maximum of 5 runs per inning can be scored, including the championship game
  • Teams may only have 9 players on the field, NO fourth outfielder is allowed
  • All other standard game rules will be followed
  • If the batter strikes out and the ball is dropped, the batter is out and cannot advance to first base, but the ball remains live for the purpose of throwing the advancing runner out

Pets are allowed on a leash at In The Net. Pets are NOT allowed at offsite fields

Fine Print

  • The Tournament Director reserves the right to adjust rules, schedules, brackets, and field location as needed to complete the tournaments. Every attempt will be made to honor the game minimum, however if a situation develops where a team forfeits or the weather does not cooperate the Tournament Director will make an attempt to reschedule games, shorten games, or cancel games in order to complete the tournament in a timely fashion​
  • If a coach is ejected from a game they will not be allowed to coach the next schedule game

Inclement Weather Policy

Rain Policy: Valid for all 4 Game Guarantee Tournaments. If no games have started and the tournament is canceled due to rain or inclement weather, each team will receive a 100% credit voucher, valid for one year. If the tournament has started, teams will be issued a credit voucher for the following

  • 0 Games Completed - 100% credit
  • 1 Game started but not completed - 75% credit
  • 1 Game Completed - 50% credit
  • 2 Games Completed - 25% credit
  • 3 Games Completed - No credit

Special Requests

If your team would like to be accommodated to have earlier or later game times, please provide this request at time of registration. Requests made within 2 weeks of the tournament may not be honored


Any team withdrawing from a tournament within 30 days of tournament start when thier division is still open, will receive a 50% credit voucher

Any team withdrawing from a tournament when their division is closed, will receive NO refund or NO credit voucher


Tournament Director: Ali Morton